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  Selling your home may not seem like the most fun idea in the world but maybe you need to before you can move into that larger home? Downsize now that the kids are out of the house? Relocate and take that new job somewhere else? Selling Pullman real estateWhatever the reason, we can help make your sale and your move as stress free as possible.

Here are some tips when getting ready to list your home that you can do to make your sale happen faster and to help get the purchase price you are after:

  • Clean and De-Clutter

  This may seem obvious but some homeowners neglect simple repairs and household chores until someone else points them out. Have one of our agents come through your home with fresh eyes to see your home as buyers would. We can give helpful and useful tips and tricks that make buyers stand up and notice your home and forget all the others they may have seen that day. It helps to have your home updated as well.

  If you don't have the time or the energy to thoroughly clean and sterilize your home, consider hiring a maid once a week until your home sells. This is a great way to keep the general house keeping chore off your mind and lets you stay focused on the transaction and offers than the cleaning.

Time to put away all the personal collections, photos and memorabilia until you move into your new home. Buyers want to see square footage, not your collection of baseball jerseys. Pack all these personal belongings carefully away and display clean, open countertops, shelves with a few books and strategically Pullman real estateplaced items, and tables with no more than fresh flowers or perhaps a book.

  •  Stage the outside and the inside

  Buyers know in 2 seconds whether they want to look further at your home or not. They take one look at the photo from the outside and either pass on by, or save that listing for further viewing. Make your home stand out from the first glance. Keep fresh, colorful flowers in bloom outside and keep the grass a vibrant green with the help of sulfuric nitrate. If you can paint the whole house, consider touching up the trim and any stairs or walkways for a clean, bright look. Notice the house during different times of day and find when the light is just perfect to accent the homes best features. Learn more on things you should do before you list.

  Once inside, keep hallways and stairs clear and let the flow of the room dictate where the buyer walks. Make sure each room is set up and staged for what it was intended for. Be careful not to have a writing desk in a dining room or kids toys strewn across the living room. Set up scenarios before an open house to allow the buyer to envision themselves in the home and how they would use the room. Wine glasses and a cheese plate in the sunroom, books open with glasses resting on them in the study. A throw over the end of the bed with a simple lamp and good book next to the bed. Simple touches add warmth and comfort to a home and draw in the buyer to simply move right in.

  • Smells matter!

   Have you ever walked into someone's home and instantly know they have pets? How about kids? Dirty laundry? Whatever it is, it's not a pleasant smell. You don't want buyers to notice issues you may have with the home. Serious issues such as mold or mildew can scare off buyers so it is best to have these issues checked Pullman WA real estateahead of time instead of having a buyer find them at inspection time. Pet odors are something we tend to get used to. Have a trusted friend walk through your home and be honest about any off odors. Keep the litter box clean and well hidden and any reptile or small animal cages out of sight and impeccable.  Remember, smells do matter!

Some items that might help is a scented filter for the furnace. Make certain it is not an over powering odor but something subtle like vanilla or cinnamon will do. Keep strong odors like cleaning fumes at bay with air fresheners and candles. Candles also work great during open houses as the lighting is soft and subtle. Fresh flowers are always a plus in any home not only for the look but it's a plus if they smell great too! 

Keeping these issues in mind will help bring more buyers in and keep them in your home longer as they contemplate presenting an offer. For more information on success in selling your specific Pullman property contact an agent today! We are experts in helping sellers list and sell their homes!

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